."We shed light on an important and dangerous disease"

Star Ahmed Fahmi for (Alyoum8th): There is artistic chemistry between me and Ilham Shaheen and for this reason I left singing

"The Alfredo series conveyed to the viewer the suffering of the patient and his family, and conveys a true story, and there are friends who lived the same suffering with the father or mother, and when the series was shown, they told me and they were crying from the scenes because they lived the experience in all its details."

Egyptian Artist Ahmed Fahmi – Alyoum8th


He began his artistic career as a distinguished singer in the team "Wana", which climbed at the speed of the rocket at the time, and the Arab public knew him as a handsome singer with a special look, and then turned to acting and was surprised that he was in front of a star and a great actor and his great talent qualified him to stand in front of the top stars of art.

After a long career in music, which took more than twenty-five years, he decided to direct all his energy in the representation in which he found himself, it is the star Egyptian artist Ahmed Fahmi, who has become the talk of social media in recent days, after the presentation of the series "Alfredo", which starred in front of the star Ilham Shaheen and achieved great success.

In this interview, he talks to Alyoum8th newspaper about his past experiences, the success story of the series Alfredo, and his opinion on the reaction of the audience.

First of all, we congratulate you on the success of the Alfredo series and how do you see the reaction?

God bless you, and the reaction made me in a state of permanent happiness and real this work of the most loved works of art that I presented to my heart and I was living with the whole work throughout the filming period and real all the work team worked hard to come out to light in this way and thank God for success and success

And what encouraged you to participate in the Alfredo Tale Championship?

Many factors, wonderfully written paper, a very knitted script, and the details of the character of Farid that resembles me to a large extent and the presence of a love and affection relationship with the heroine also excited me about the presence of a light comedy side in the character that I presented, and the idea that the work is based on a true story, this is what encouraged him and motivated me to work the most.

The series was discussing a very important disease, Alzheimer's, so how did you prepare for the character, did it rely on paper only, or was there a simulation of real patients?

Quite frankly, I was satisfied with the script because it was written very professionally and everything we wanted to know was written, as for my readiness for the character, I tried as much as to show the character of Farid naturally is someone who protects his family and at the same time a man, nostalgic and kind caring about his family.

You said before that that the character of Farid in the series looks a lot like you, so what is the similarity between the two of you?

Yes, I resemble the character of Farid very much because I left music and turned to acting because of my love for him despite my 24 years of studying music, while Farid in the events left the medical profession and turned to cooking that he loves and opening his own restaurant, and we are also similar in love of work and family as well.

What about the cooperation between you and the artist Ilham Shaheen?

I was honored to stand in front of her and I was happy to work with her, as she is a great professor from whom we learn and the truth was that there was an artistic chemistry between us that appeared even in the proofs, and she is one of the stars that focus on every detail in the character she provides, and the real work with her is a great artistic addition to me.

But some when they watched the promo of the series before the show expected that there would be a love story between you and the artist Ilham Shaheen?

Laughing, promo and propaganda posters made some imagine that and that there is a love story between them, and in fact there was already a love story between them, but of another kind, and I was not angry or annoyed at the time by the comments of the public, on the contrary, I saw that this is normal that they will have questions and for any work of art, we will find that these questions are important before displaying this work and a good indicator because this work will be watched by the public and followed it greatly.

The series is based on a novel by the thinker Mustafa Mahmoud, and before that she also presented a series based on a novel by Noor Abdel Majeed, do you like such kind of artistic works?

Yes, I like works of art taken from literary works, for example, I presented the series "I am famous, I am the traitor", which is based on the novel of the same name by the writer Noor Abdel Majeed, and in the series Alfredo I was also excited because the work is taken from a novel by Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud and I love him very much, and the idea of presenting a work taken from a book by him is a big step.

How was your collaboration with the writer and screenwriter Amr Mahmoud Yassin?

Real is a great author and I thank him very much because I also earned him as a friend and brother, and I discovered that we are very close to each other in thinking, and always the works of Amr Yassin are realistic and his writings are upscale and enter the heart, and I agreed to the role from the first line I read in the script.

And the story of the doctor who suddenly decided to stay away from medicine because of his love of cooking, and travel to Italy and open a successful restaurant, and then leave his dream and return to Egypt because his aunt showed signs of Alzheimer's disease."

There are some works that presented the problem of Alzheimer's, in your opinion what is the difference between Alfredo and the rest of the works that discussed the same suffering?

The Alfredo series conveyed to the viewer the suffering of the patient and his family, and here the patient is not only suffering, but also his family suffers abnormally, and the series conveys a true story, and for information I know close friends of mine who lived the same suffering with the father or mother, and when the series was shown, they told me and they were crying from the scenes because they lived the experience in all its details.

How are you keen to develop your acting performance?

All the time I try to work on myself and follow and study and strive and I am a very good viewer of all the works of art in Egypt and the world, and very many times I enter courses to develop my tools.

We all expected you to sing in most of your artistic work as a singer in the first place, but we were surprised otherwise?

This is intentional and from my point of view, music, acting and plastic art are related needs, and in the first period when I presented the film Naama Bay, I was interested in the role of the singer actor, but then I became required not to sing at work, not even in Tatars, in order for the audience to separate between Ahmed Fahmi, the singer and the actor.

Finally, what do you think is the most important message that the series sent to the audience?

Raising awareness of this disease and its complications first and how to deal with the patient, and also urging the kinship relationship that God has commanded us, and from my point of view the public was missing such messages in the works of art.